Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's been quite a nice week. Marc brought the boys over on Monday and we did an Easter egg hunt. I put little verses about Jesus resurrection around the house (we did an indoor hunt as it wasn't nice out) and they followed the arrows to find the eggs. They had great fun and ofcourse wanted to eat some chocolate before they went home.
Ben came over on Tuesday and gave me a hand washing the car. He did a really good job, was thoroughly soaked through but had a great time. (I'd borrowed a bucket and sponges off Marc and Sam as I couldn't find my bucket and sponges anywhere - I think Marc may have borrowed them!!) Ben had asked if he could do the car as he'd done the wheels with his dad and ofcourse I said yes. He kept telling me "you just do the wheels Nana" as I went round after him to do the bits he missed; but what he didn't tell me was the reason I had to do the wheels was that the sponge I thought I was using was in fact a scourer - yes small scratches all over the car. But we had fun.
Went out to MacDonalds with Marc and the boys last night to give Sam a bit of quiet time. Oh new middle name for baby, she will be Olivia Erin. Let's hope hospital got it right otherwise we could have Oliver Erol :o)!!!
Sam had a lot of pain yesterday and did think baby may come early but I've not had any calls. Just waiting to hear that Keith (my nephew) and Michelle's baby is on the way. Michelle is due any day now, we hope.

I'm off to York tomorrow - really looking forward to it. Just hope I don't get lost driving there.

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