Monday, 27 April 2009

Waiting for baby

Had the lovely news the other day that my nephew's wife had given birth to a little girl, Matilda Amilea weighing in at 10lb 3 oz. Congratulations nana nenna, another one to dote on. I'm now waiting for my daughter in law to give birth, she can't be far off baby is due 1st May and I can't wait. I'm praying the birth wont be as difficult as the boys and that both mum and baby will have an easy time.
Not a lot happening at the moment just really busy at school as we have annual reviews coming up and the paper work is just getting bigger. Still I thank God that I have a job, the way things are at the moment as I'm hearing of friends family members that are having to take pay cuts or working 4 days a week.
lt rained today, lots. I am sure my dear son does a rain dance. I find it hard to mow the lawn these days (old age arthritis I think) I end up in so much pain but each time I ask my son to give a hand it rains. We can have beautiful weather like the other week he said I'll be over Thursday, what happens, yep it rains and Friday too. Same yesterday we've had lovely weather for couple of days so I asked him to give a hand today rain. I wouldn't mind but the animals are starting to get restless, I can't even see the giraffe's any more
Ah well, I'm off to put my feet up after a very tiring day and my neck hurts, so I'll let you know about baby as soon as she arrives.

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Nicky said...

Hi Jean, it is so exciting! I ended up staying later than usual at school to do some reports as I could not do them at home, they would not save on my stick for some odd reason! Just finished planning so i am worn out! Speak to you very soon. God bless Hug -)