Saturday, 3 July 2010

Meet the family

Someone commented on one of my posts that they hoped I'd blog more then they would get to know me better - so thank you Judy you set me thinking - hard work this thinking lark early on a Sunday morning but anyway I am so blessed to come from such a wonderful family and while we may not see each other as often as we'd like as the miles separate us we still love each other so come on in and meet my beautiful family ...

This beautiful lady is my mam. The picture was taken a while ago at a family wedding but she is still as beautiful today. She still lives on her own and after a life saving operation earlier this year, at 84 she is just amazing and is the kindest and sweetest person you could meet.

Mam has brought up 6 children and whilst we were never rich in material things we were rich in that we had 2 wonderful parents. Sadly my dad died some 12 years ago now and we all still miss him very much, mam especially. He was such an inspiration to me, my hero.

Here's our Bren or Nenna as we call her. She is golden. Like me she has grandchildren and is forever looking after them but we wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the oldest so she's my younger sis, we had our moments arguing and fighting when we were younger but we have always stayed friends and I love her dearly.

It's always lovely going up home cos we get to spend some time together and whilst I'm not a great shopper like our Bren and my youngest sis it is great to just get together and go out for a meal or to her house just to natter. And we can talk forever us girls.

This is our Ed, he's the oldest of my 3 brothers and another one who would do anything for you. Our Ed is the one who when he was younger was the toughy but underneath, soft as a kitten.

I remember when mam had an accident (she electricuted herself on the vacuum cleaner - it has stopped working and she unplugged it from the back of the vacuum but the plug was still in the socket at the wall. She used a knife to unscrew a screw and ... not the brightest thing to do but she was rushed to hospital. I'd been called from work and someone was relaying the story to me. Just as they got to the part where they said 'she's gone' meaning she'd gone to hospital, our Ed (probably about 11 at the time) came in and heard it and thought they meant mam had died. He broke his heart and it took ages to console him.

Next our Mike - the most placid of childrenI know when he was younger, takes after mam I think as she has the patience of a saint. He has been great at helping mam around the house when he was staying with her. He had a back operation a while ago and stayed with mam to recover. Worked out really well as it wasn't long after that that mam had her operation and Mike was there to help her. He'd do anything for anybody our Mike.

And then last but not least the twin - Yes twins.
This is our Ken and Denise. Ken is the oldest and our Niecy is the younger of the twins. I was 15 when they were born and helped mam look after them. We always remember the time our Ed took them along the shops in their pushchair and came down some steps and they both fell out. Oh they did cry and had cut and bloodied faces poor things. I remember holding our Denise while mam held Ken and I think we were both crying but they were OK. I don't seem them nearly enough and our Niecy is living in America now but she has her blog (pop over and see her she writes some great stuff - her link is at the side of my blog). They would both do anything for you. I have a special bond with my l'il sister and even though she is miles away I know she prays for me, loves me lots and I would just have to ask and she'd do anything she could for me. Ken is the joker of the family, always doing card tricks and telling jokes. He kept us entertained for hours.
As I said, the most beautiful family a girl could have. Am I blessed or am I blessed.

Next installment - coming soon.


Denise said...

You had me at 'meet the family'... the tears were already flowing :) What a sweet post Sis, it makes my heart swell to think I too am part of that beautiful family. How I wish I could see you more often. BTW you were only 14 when I was born - don't be cheatin yourself out of a year.. you're younger than you think ;-)
Sending BIG hugs.

Susan said...

Hi Jean, I really enjoyed meeting your family today. It has inspired to do something like it for my family. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

Judy said...

Hi Jean! This post really made me smile! Thank you so much for introducing your sweet family, & I really do hope that this is just the beginning of many, many posts from you! I really would love to get to know you better, & this is a great start to that. Your family is so sweet - what a blessing to they are to you - you can see that in your writing, & I will bet that each of them look upon you as a huge blessing too. I love how you call Denise - Niecy. She is so precious! Thank you again for sharing your family & memories with us Jean. Can't wait for the next installment! Sending you big hugs!!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Jean,
What a great post! I so enjoyed reading about your family. I think I may do something like this soon.
Thank you for the inspiration.
God bless you!

Sue said...

I'm with Denise... this was a beautiful and tear-filled post and I feel like I know you all from my friendship with Denise. I can't imagine how difficult it is to be so far from family. My one sister I'm closest with lives in North Carolina while I'm up in Ontario, Canada but at least we're close enough to get visits regularly.

Thanks for sharing your family Jean... both on your blog and in real life! Hugs