Friday, 2 July 2010

What did I do a year ago

That was the question my sister asked on her blog so I took to reading mine from a year ago and here's what it said - not quite the same day mind you but on 30th June 2009 part of what I'd written was

It's another late night for me, I've just been writing my bloggy bit for the KJV site as it was due at the weekend and I'd not written anything, but that done I'm here to say well what a thunder storm we had last night. I wasn't in the cupboard like my mam is when we have a storm but I do close the curtains and just sit quietly, I don't like to watch the lightning and I don't like the noise of the thunder but nor do I like the TV on so I do hear it all and boy was it loud last night and monsoon season had come I think - or maybe my son had been doing his rain dance again as it was mentioned he was coming to do the garden

You can read all of what I wrote here

Well guess what - it's another late night for me but thankfully we have not had a thunder storm although we have had some lovely weather and although it has tried to rain we haven't had much. Once again though my garden is in need of being done. I will pray my son does not do any rain dances and comes to give me a hand. I have to admit, I do actually hate gardening, I don't like the creepy crawly things you see in the soil and well it's just that I can't quite mow the lawn as I'm in agony afterwards due to problems with my neck and shoulders so it tends to be neglected - Maybe it's something I should try to like in 2010 (I'll let you know how I get on).

As this has been another late night I will now take my leave and go to the land of nod. I will leave you with the same question my sister asked on her blog 'What did you do a year ago'? 'night


Susan said...

Hi Jean, I do enjoy gardening but can't because like you, it hurts my neck and shoulders. I do like a nice yard though. Have a nice weekend. Hugs

Judy said...

Hi Jean! So lovely to see a new post from you. I do wish you would post more often, & then I could visit & get to know you better.

What a neat post! Do you know, I was thinking along these same lines last week, & called my sister in a very reflective mood. Although, I wasn't thinking about what I did a year ago. It hit me as I was missing my Mom & Dad - "I wonder, what was I doing this day, this, time 30 years agao...40 years ago?", ect. This is one of the reasons keeping a journal is so important to me now...if only my Mom would have kept one - how neat to go back & read about my days, & how I wish I had contiuned to keep one when I started keeping a diary at the age of 10!! I am now going to look back at my blog a year ago, & see what I was doing.

I'm sorry for this 'book', I've written. You got more than you bargained for when you asked that! :-) Sending you big hugs Jean, & hope your garden gets taken care of. Hope your neck & shoulder feels better soon.

Tracey said...

Hi Jean! What a neat post! Now I am going to have to go dig through my old posts to see what I was doing. Hope your neck and shoulder feels better soon! Have a great weekend :=) ((HUGS))