Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Too tired to sleep

Well it's almost 2 in the morning here in England and I can't sleep, too much going on in my head so thought I'd do a bit of blogging. It is nearly the end of the school term and as I work in a school I can't wait for Friday. I have too much to do being the school secretary and not enough time to do it; probably one reason my head is full of putting in order what it is I need to do. I also have another cold which could be hayfever and I'm just keep sneezing and feel yeuk. I probably should just give it all over to the Lord as I know he will help me order my thoughts.

I'm going home to see my mam and family on Saturday for a couple of weeks. It will be lovely to see everyone and even lovelier just relaxing. Marc and Sam are coming up for a couple of days with the children so it will be nice. Just hope the sun shines as it's forecast rain.

Hopefully I'll have more pics I can put on my blog when I get back.


Sue said...

Sorry you aren't able to sleep Jean but hopefully by the time you see this message you will be waking up refreshed and ready for your day. Enjoy your visit to your Mom's. Hope she is feeling stronger these days.

I just spoke with your baby sister on the phone today. It was WONDERFUL to hear her voice again!

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!
Hugs from Canada xo

Denise said...

Two weeks? Whaaaaaa, I wanna come too. Take lots of pics sis, and try to post them to your blog for me... Nenna doesn't know how to ;)
Hope the sun shines for you, it's way too hot here so I will send you the sun, I'd rather have the rain right now if you can believe that!
Hope you feel better soon too. I am just finished antibiotics again for my nose problems.
Love ya