Thursday, 12 August 2010

Relaxed and stress free

I have just returned from a 2 week visit to the North East to see my mam and family. It was a very relaxing time and once I get the very few pics I took processed I'll upload them. Unfortunately I am not one of those that know how to download straight from my phone (I must get Marc to show me). Marc, Sam and the children came up the first weekend and it was lovely everyone being there. The airshow was on so we got to go the beach on the Saturday. We could hardly move there were so many people but the kids enjoyed it all and then Marc and Sam took them back on the Sunday as the Red Arrows and Harrier Jet were there. It's quite an impressive sight.
Mam is doing great and at 84 spends a lot of her time baking pies - mince, apple - Marc loves them and put in a request for me to take some back for him. Mam and I ended up baking pies just before I was due to come home and she even gave me a rolling out pastry lesson as apparently I wasn't doing it right. I was being a bit rough with the pastry and mam said 'roll away from you, then turn, roll away from you then turn'. I don't do much baking these days but she made it look so easy and her pastry was so smooth, you're never too old to learn I say and I will now have to start baking. Oh I did make some biscuits for my grandchildren. One was a packet mix but the others I did from scratch - and I have pics too so hopefull I will get to load them up by next week as I can't get into town until then.

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Denise said...

And by biscuits you mean cookies right? Biscuits here are more like scones ;-)
I still remember the many times Mam would teach me how to make pastry and roll out... thankfully she did, or I wouldn't have a clue today. Happy Memories:)
Glad you had a relaxing time at home sis.
Love you