Saturday, 14 August 2010

Very wet day

Very cold and very very rainy - what a change in the weather today. It has become really cold and I'm praying it will brighten up as Marc, Sam and the children are off to Cornwall camping for the week. They left this morning, arrived safely praise God and unfortunately Marc didn't say anything about the weather when he text me. I remember camping a long time ago when I was a young school girl. It's lovely when the weather is fine and sunny but everything feels so damp when it's wet and I can still remember clothes not drying out and just that soggy feeling.
It was very quiet at my little studio today too and I think most people that came in only wanted to get out of the rain. Still I demonstrated my enamelling to them and who knows some of them may come back.
I only came on my pc to check my emails but now it's getting late as I did a bit of surfing, and then did a bit of blogging so it's goodnight and I pray you have a blessed Sunday and a sunny day too.

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Denise said...

Oh it's sunny alright here! And about 100 degrees too!
I called Mam today, was meaning to call earlier this week but I kept putting 01 44 instead of 011 44 for the code and it was asking me for a long distance # code? I thought the phone was messed up so I called them and they told me it was 011.... I should have known that but every now and then I seem to get mixed up with it (old age)! Anyway, called Mam and had a little chat, she was on her own and just watching telly.
Hope Marc and Sam have good weather this week. Let us know ;)
Love ya