Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another late night

It's another late night for me, I've just been writing my bloggy bit for the KJV site as it was due at the weekend and I'd not written anything, but that done I'm here to say well what a thunder storm we had last night. I wasn't in the cupboard like my mam is when we have a storm but I do close the curtains and just sit quietly, I don't like to watch the lightning and I don't like the noise of the thunder but nor do I like the TV on so I do hear it all and boy was it loud last night and monsoon season had come I think - or maybe my son had been doing his rain dance again as it was mentioned he was coming to do the garden.
What have I been up to this past week, not a lot really as work takes over at this time of year and I'm just flat out getting things organised for the new intake of pupils in September. I'm just about ready for the summer break but if it was tomorrow I'd still have lots of work to do so maybe couple more weeks will see an end to it and I can relax.

Tom was asking to come over to stay last weekend, he'd been given a little suitcase with wheels on and wanted to pack it so he could come on holiday. Marc was bringing him over but unfortunately the exhaust fell off his car when he was at the end of the street. He had to go back home, forgot about the exhaust, tried to reverse onto the drive, hit the curb with the exhaust and well lets just say he was not a happy man. Poor Tom was crying so I went over there but by then he was too tired so I just took him up to bed and read him a story. Sam went out for a couple of hours with Ben to a church meal so I stayed and looked after Olivia and Marc went off to work in Sam's car. Oh we do have fun.

I am now off to the land of nod as it is really, really late. If you're reading this nenna, maybe I'll get a comment now that lil sis has showed you what to do.

Night and God Bless


Denise said...

Hi sis,
Nenna said she still can't leave a comment for you cos you don't have the option for her to click on 'name' like I do, she has to have an account which she doesn't have. You must be able to set your options somewhere where she can just type her name.

Denise said...

OK, if you go to your dashboard and click on 'layout' then click on 'settings.
under settings click on comments, then opt for the 'anyone can comment' this includes annonymous users, so go further down the page and you'll see 'show word verification for others' this should be already checked for you. That should allow Nenna to comment :-)

nenna said...

Hi big sis sorry ive just read your blog tonight.It wont be long before you finish for your hols. Don't work too hard. been to bingo tonight no luck. do you know when you are coming up in the holidays.I will take you for coffee with Jean and Janice.Will ring you soon love you loadsxxxxxxx