Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What a night!

I was babysitting last night as it's ages since Marc and Sam went out together, and what a night it was. Olivia was very unsettled, she's such a nosy baby and thinks she's going to miss something and she just doesn't sleep, she doesn't cry too much but loves to look around and be held. Tom isn't well and I had to give him his inhaler a couple of times last night. It is very difficult when you have a few weeks old baby crying and a 2 year old. At one point I was trying to hold both of them but in the end brought Tom downstairs, he seemed able to breath better when he was sitting up. Marc has taken him to hospital this morning as his breathing is very bad, they've admitted him and I'm just waiting for news. Sis's if you're reading this please pray for him and anyone else reading too please. Sam has been up all night so she's going to try and get some sleep when Ben has gone to school and hopefully Olivia will have a sleep too.

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