Saturday, 23 July 2011

Grandchildren day

I had a lovely day with my grandchildren last Sunday. Marc and Sam had both been on nights so I took my three adorable grandchildren up to my little craft studio where they spent several hours painting and playing. I bought some ceramic pieces for them to paint from the chap in the next unit and they loved it.
Livvy painted a little pink elephant but unfortunately there was more paint on Livvy than there was on on the elephant but she enjoyed it.
Tom wanted to do a green dinosaur and must have used a whole pot full of green paint but he was happy and did a lovely job. We then added shades of a lighter green and he wanted to add red paint to the dinosaurs nails and eyes.
Ben was in his element painting a dragon he had named Merlin. He did it in shades of green and then painted silver on the dragons wings and gave him red eyes too.
They were so well behaved. We did a drive through MacDonalds for lunch and took it back to the studio.
Unfortunately I can't seem to get the photos off my mobile for some reason but I'll post them up as soon as I can sort out why.

Take a look over at my Honeycomb Crafts section and see the piece I enamelled today at a workshop in Shrewsbury it was mam and me and I like the way it turned out.

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