Thursday, 7 July 2011

Marsden Rock

After a day of torrential rain it was nice to see this picture of Marsden Rock and it brought back memories of warm summer days spent at the beach. This impressive structure was a favourite place to visit when I was younger. At one time it had an archway that connected to another piece of rock but erosion took it's toll and it collapsed a few years ago and then the remaining rock stack had to be demolished for safety reasons so this is all that is left of the rock. When the weather is nice it is a sun trap on the sands. It is some years now since I've been to Marsden, the climb down to the rock doesn't seem too bad but there's a lot of steps to climb back up. I'm not so sure that I'd manage it these days. I'm visiting mam in a few weeks times so maybe I'll take a trip out there.


Denise said...

Is Marsden Grotto still there? I never really went to Marsden when we were little, but went to the Grotto a few times for a drink and a meal!

Honeycombs said...

Yes I think it's still there, haven't been to the Grotto since I was there with Nenna and I think that was when Auntie Freda or may even have been when Uncle George visited but I still drive along and take a look at the rock.

Nenna said...

Hi sis just been looking at your blog did'nt realise you had put so much on love all your pics. Will catch up with you when you come up home.See you soon Love Ya lots Nenna xxxxxxxxx